the Way of the Wicked

The Ritual (part 2)

The Assaultening

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring - except the five assholes coming in the rear in standard 2 by 2 cover formation.

Elise's note, containing the fruit of Trik's spying, turns out to be deadly accurate. The group of adventurers arrives on the morning of the third day after the messenger. Sharp-eyed Bianca gets a brief glimpse of Fitch as he observes their approach, but can only tell her comrades she thinks she saw some movement. Sadly for them, this evidence they might be awaited does not persuade them to turn around.

Grumblejack has made a decent fist of blocking the caverns with rocks, and the group are funneled right where our villains want them: the "ambush room", with its freshly dug camouflaged acid-filled pit trap. Our villains wait behind an illusory wall as the adventurers approach. There was some talk of using the froglok warriors to pad out the ambush party, particularly as Creel points out they can just be raised  as undead if they die, but Adelea is confident these relative novices can easily be dealt with.

Hallack's crew

Hallack Amon, in the lead, is a sword-and-board fighter. He is followed by the brawny form of James O'Toole, who appears unarmed, with the dwarf smith Yorgun beside him. Bringing up the rear is Sister Marta Dian in a nun's habit, and the bard Bianca deVallya who is quietly singing and accompanying herself on a lute.

Yorgun, the dwarf rogue, fails to spot the pit trap. He is on Hallack's shoulder and so he is caught up in the trap as his leader triggers it. However he and O'Toole leap clear and only Hallack tumbles into the pit, taking damage from the fall and the acid.

As Hallack flails in the acid and Yorgun hastily unships his rope, James O'Toole drops into a fighting stance and looks around wildly but fails to spot Fitch lurking in the shadows. Bianca changes her song to one that should inspire Hallack to climb out of the pit. With the heroes distracted and in disarray, our villains strike!

Fitch hurls a dagger at Otoole but it skitters off a rock in a spray of sparks. Our villains charge and the intruders are caught flat footed. Sam hastes the party. Adelea and Grumblejack have closed on Yorgun and O'Toole respectively.

Adela moves in a blur with brutal precision and terrifying power. Her first attack almost kills Yorgun the Smith, her second is messy overkill, and her third attack unecessarily decapitates the extremely dead dwarf before his body has a chance to fall.

Grumblejack does massive damage to the monk, O'Toole.

Sister Marta casts hold person on Adela however her willpower proves surprisingly strong and she shrugs it off.

Zack: : In the name of Asmodeus, SILENCE, you annoying bardic person. Your song offends the master! The bard, skilled at resisting sonic attack, shakes this off.

O'Toole sprints off, abandoning his friends regretfully yet briskly. Fitch takes off in pursuit, acrobatically leaping over Sister Marta's swinging sword.

Hallack Amon tries and fails to get out of the pit, yelling “save yourselves! I'm sorry I brought you here” as the acid does more damage. Bianca flees with a last regretful look.

Sam casts oppressive boredom on Sister Marta who stands, sword dangling slackly at her side, as Adelea walks past. Grumblejack surges down the corridor past them, swooping into the air and landing in front of the fleeing Bianca with a deep chuckle.

Creel places the manacles of cooperation on Sister Marta, effectively ending her part in the one sided fight.

With Fitch in hot pursuit O'Toole turns at bay and unleashes a stunning fist attack. Fitch is hurt but not stunned.

Hallack flails about in the acid, slowly dissolving

Bianca manages to cast Hold Person on Grumblejack, and he freezes like a huge, ugly statue as on the other side of the cavern entrance O'Toole crumples to the ground bleeding out from wounds from Fitch's daggers

Sam wanders over to the pit and waves cheerfully down at Hallack. “Hello dear”

Creel drags the manacled sister over to the pit to join in the taunting. “You want some rope? You can't have some rope. Dance for your rope! I want to see big splashes”

Hallack Amon sighs and says “You've won. Throw me a rope at least”. This time he manages to get five feet up the pit wall and out of the acid.

Adelea may be wearing heavy armour but she is hasted. She blurs up behind Bianca, whose desperate second cast of hold person once again bounces off Adelea's adamantine will. (What is going on?). Adelea proceeds to brutally murder her to death.

Grumblejack eventually snaps out of the hold and drags the bodies back into the caves.

Sam and Creel are cheerfully applauding Hallack Amon's unsuccessfull attempts to climb out, but Fitch suggests getting him out of the acid before any nice stuff dissolves.

Adelea: “what prompted you to attack us? We just wanted to be left alone”

Hallack: Attack YOU? We had no idea you were here. We planned to beat up some frog monsters and head back to town with their treasure. Nobody said anything about whatever the hell you are!”

Pulled out of the pit and gasping like a landed fish on the floor Hallack has no time to collect himself before he is brutally killed by Adelea.

The villains thoroughly loot their bodies before dragging Sister Marta off to find a nice secure cell to await her starring role in the ritual.

Fitch has been somewhat punched in the face, but other than that the party has taken no real damage in the fight while easily despatching their foes. These are just the amateurs though – surely they can expect a more competent try soon? 


Good work chaps! Sorry I missed it. Any decent loot?

How is Adelea making will saves all of a sudden??

The Ritual (part 2)

I know, right! Noone was more surprised than me that I made not one but two saves. Making the saves would have probably stunned Adelea more effectively than the hold person would have!

We levelled up btw Rick (your character sheet has new xp total) – and im not going to take leadership – ill take VS instead to boost combat ability some more. All I would have really contributed is 1 action/week and gained a crappy cohort!


+1 longsword
+1 heavy wooden shield
composite shortbow (3str)
5 backpacks
4x Pot. CLW
+1 dwarven warhammer
MW studded leather
MW thieves tools
2x Light crossbow
MW Lute
Mithral Chain Shirt (Fitch took)
+1 chainmail
heavy steel shield
MW longsword

The Ritual (part 2)

It’s a +1 large warhammer

The Ritual (part 2)

Ok cool will level up before next time. I’ll add all that stuff to the pile

The Ritual (part 2)

How much game time passed? (For crafting purposes) just the 1 day?

The Ritual (part 2)

There were 3 days of “doing nothing”- well preparing traps etc., where I declared you were crafting full time.

Either that or spend your time digging a hole – I think the crafting was a better use of time =P

The Ritual (part 2)

Liking the Die Hard reference Steve

The Ritual (part 2)

Cheers buddy. I missed making a “the quarterbard is toast!” reference to go with it

The Ritual (part 2)

Nine million dungeon crawlers in the world and I have to kill one with feet smaller than my sisters

The Ritual (part 2)

The Frogloks say they need air circulation for their tadpoles. Your tunnel blocking trick ain’t gonna work twice. You’ll need to set up some guards, traps, and maybe beast lairs

The Ritual (part 2)

Guards and traps we can do. We also have places to keep captured beasts, but no idea how to capture em. Is that just a case of non-lethal damage?

We all know how well our last hunting trip went, don’t we!!

The Ritual (part 2)

Now I have a +1 longsword, Ho Ho Ho!

The Ritual (part 2)

righto have levelled myself up. GJ is now my official cohort – a lvl 5 Barbarian that levels up with us. He doesn’t leech xp though – he just gets his lvl/my lvl as bonus xp. So right now he gets 5/7ths of whatever I get.

Have also levelled up Zach:

+1 BAB (no change to saves)
channel energy up to 4d6
skill points into Heal and Sense Motive
Feat – weapon focus (mace)
Spells – but a few good 4th level ones on the list and memorised some (including the domain ones)

Martin – did anyone take anything else from that list of loot other than the Mithral shirt?

Steve – can you please add the dead assailants to the deaders list, and also pls create me a few editable NPCs so I can start creating Zach’s undead army. He can now have 28 HD worth of undead in here. With the minotaur and the frog, he has 14 – so lets raise the dwarf and the monk please, and we’ll chuck the other two in the fridge as backups. Let me know what their base stats were in the handouts, and I’ll make the undead. (froglok is done)

The Ritual (part 2)

Remember, Chris can control 28HD of undead – but he can raise more.

If we can contrive to lock some in rooms in the castle, then they can function as surprise ambushes, much like the sleepy oozey thing.

I guess Chris took the +1 longsword in addition to Andrews chainshirt, but apart from that, nothing.

The Ritual (part 2)

Not sure he did – I think thats just a bad Die Hard quote. What would Zach do with a +1 longsword?

The Ritual (part 2)

everyone take a CLW pot

The Ritual (part 2)

does the warhammer being dwarven make any difference to price?

The Ritual (part 2)

OK – here is the latest loot list:

Mundane Sellables:
mwk greatsword 175gp
amethysts 370gp
ivory tusk 500gp
silver ring 5gp
ruby 350gp
bed 2500gp
1 ton (2000lb) silver 10000gp
600lb gold 30000gp
mwk whip 150gp
banded mail 125gp
longsword 7gp
breastplate 100gp
composite shortbow (3str) 200gp
dagger 1gp
5 backpacks 5gp
MW studded leather 162gp
MW thieves tools 50gp
Rapier 10gp
2x Light crossbow 35gp
MW Lute 50gp
heavy steel shield 10gp
MW longsword 157gp

Magic sellables:
Elixir of truth (Base 250gp)
+1 longsword (Base 1157gp)
+1 heavy wooden shield (Base 653gp)
+1 dwarven warhammer (Base 1156gp)
+1 chainmail (Base 725gp)


We’ll head into town with a cartload and start liquidating some of these. I need to head in anyway, and someone else can come with, whilst everyone else stays behind to keep the ritual going and train up, etc.

Note we can split the cash now – 11pp and 18gp each. Go ahead and add this to your sheets.

Also – note that I’m opening up a shop in town! Steve can add the details to the next write up once it opens, but essentially it is a place to sell off magic items. Stuff I craft + stuff we find (which sells for more than the 50% base). – so I’ll chuck the magic sellables into the shop.

The Ritual (part 2)

Maybe you should keep the crossbows, weapons, and shields in case you have, I dunno, an undead militia and some evil organisation mooks you need to equip?

It’s not a dwarven warhammer it’s a +1 LARGE warhammer
(I have said this before)

The Ritual (part 2)

Done the zombies. Gave the dwarf zombie the flail (seemed a waste to give him a +1 hammer!)

Also, I would expect to recruit people that bring their own weapons! I know we have 5 orphans to kit out, but future mooks should have their own stuff!

Who’s heading back to town with me, and who is staying to do the ritual?

Also, Martin, want me to pick up the stuff needed for your Nightmare while I’m there?

The Ritual (part 2)

You want to leave the spire for 2 days?

The Ritual (part 2)

Gonna have to. Need to get some supplies, some more recruits, check in with the baron and witchy mcwitchface, and get my business set up.

The Ritual (part 2)

Also need to start the Evil Organisation now I have Leadership. Unless anyone has a better idea, it’s called “The Alunatics” (my cult’s name!)

I get 6 points to spend – Initial stats are as follows:

Ruthless 3
Secrecy 0
Survivability 0
Connections 2
Espionage 1
Loyalty 0

I get 2 actions per week. Might start off with them hunting some beasts to put in our lair.

The Ritual (part 2)

If Fitch joins you his guys can be the Fitchet Sinners.

The Ritual (part 2)

Can Fitch please just take a feat that makes him stabbier, or stealthier, or trap-findier? Surely that would be more useful long term? Andrew?

The Ritual (part 2)

How are we doing on Golem ingredients?

The Ritual (part 2)

Would also be good to start organising the defenses a little!

Steve, how many Boggards do we have now (the Shaman was going to be recruiting them)?

By my reckoning, we also have:

5 orphan crossbowmen (lvl 1)
2 skeletons, 2 zombies (Zach’s undead army)
Hexor and Vexor
Ezra Thrice Damned + 2 wraiths
2 verdurous oozes
Zikkomo + X boggards

have I missed any?

Steve – could you also put us back on the main Horn map and we can start positioning them? Zikkomo + Boggards will stay downstairs! :)

The Ritual (part 2)

Oh – we’ll have the Golem at some point in the near future. And Martin’s Nightmare.

The Ritual (part 2)

I think I will skip Leadership trait for now after all. Going for something to help keep me alive for now, then next trait will be Improved Dual Wield.

Try not to get me killed this week or next, and see you the week after that!

The Ritual (part 2)

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