the Way of the Wicked

The Ritual (part 1)

The ritual begins

Ezra Thrice-Damned

Having made their way to the third floor via the teleporty thrones our villains do some exploring and find the main entranceway. (This is only accessible by flying or a difficult climb).  In an interesting departure they find the pit trap in the entrance by NOT stumbling into it.

Once inside, the entranceway is a large hallway with five doors. The baroque decoration continues and everywhere is found bas relief carving showing the doings of daemons. There is a great deal of abyssal writing here as well. Sam contemplates the hallway and realises it tells
the tale of the ascension of the daemon prince Vetra-Kali Eats-the-Eyes.
It is revealed that Vetra-Kali is a leukodaemon who through his savagery and remorseless cruelty rose from the ranks to be appointed an Archdeacon of Pestilence in service to the Pale Horseman. This hallway exalts and praises the many ruthless deeds done by Vetra-Kali to gain this prominence.

They then find the most baroque room of all – the Fane of the Three Eyed Prince.

As ornate and baroque as the entryway hall is it pales before this expansive and vaulted chamber. This is the Horn’s third temple — reserved only for the High
Priest and his elite retinue. Most of the Sons of the Pale Horseman never entered this temple and never experienced the strange rites conducted within. The fane is adorned with a riot of lurid color. Brilliant bas reliefs depict daemons of every sort engaged in countless acts of
wanton evil, callous destruction and inhuman savagery. Rows of pews allow a congregation of the chosen to gather. Te podium is doubtless where foul sermons of Abaddon’s wisdom and bile were delivered to those gatherings. At the front of the chamber are four shrines.
 A white shrine decorated with bas relief depictions
of open pits of the dead and lepers crying in anguish.
 A shrine of red stone decorated with cruel iron
weaponry and scenes of slaughter.
A shrine of black stone decorated with images of
mortals wasting away from hunger and starvation.
A shrine of pale green stone adorned with a skull
with two coins over its eyes and an inscription of jagged
abyssal writing which reads “Behold a pale horse. Its
rider is Death and all shall follow him.”
Between them is large bas-relief image of Vetra-Kali sitting crosslegged holding his greatest work, his masterpiece, a vial of some sort. Below the vial is inscribed a name ‘Te
Tears of Achlys.’ Vetra-Kali also holds three blades and a strange jagged key with an Abyssal inscription “Hail Vetra-Kali”. Te three eyed daemon prince pays homage to the four shrines, but there is no doubt that this fane is built primarily to honor him. 
On all the other walls are litanies of the deeds of this monster. It was Vetra-Kali who crossed the great void and came to the prime material plane to establish the Sons of the Pale Horseman. It was he who oversaw the construction of the Horn of Abaddon and it is because of this that the Horn superfcially resembles this horror from another world.

Sam realises there's a magical aura coming from the east wall. Careful searching finds a secret door. Eventually they work out how to open it by pressing the three eyes of the statue. Doing this while saying "hail Vetra Kali" makes the door open into a pocket dimension which contains the giant wraith Ezra Thrice-Damned, the tormented soul of the last High Priest.  He swirls menacingly towards Sam with his wraithy hands outstretched! Oh no, it is the death in the shadow that that prophecy foretold! Remember the prophecy? The one they decided not to take any precautions about whatsoever? Well now they're going to have to fight an advanced giant wraith and three wraith mooks (who used to be the fourth knot). 

However just as Ezra is about to do that "touch you with his wraithy hands and then you die and turn into a wraith" thing that wraiths are always doing, Sam quickly says "we'reheretorestoreVetraKali!" and he stops in his swirly, shadowy, tracks. A quick chat with the ever persuasive Sam later and the dread wraith is pretty much on their side.

Sam asks if he could possibly tell them where the third Orb of Vetra Kali might be.

Yessss. It's over there.” Hisses the wraith, who points at the clawlike podium in the middle of the room where the stone is prominently displayed. They take it. Also the room contains scads of treasure. Scads!

Ornate silver belt studded with obsidian (belt of giant’s
strength +2)
A plain golden ring (ring of mind shielding)
An ornate teak wood box holding a glass lens (a lens
of detection). 
A walking stick of hard black wood adorned with
silver fxtures and green semi-precious stones (rod of elemental metamagic [acid], lesser)
Two iron plates both carved in abyssal that read “Aticus” and “Andian” (Hexor and Vexor’s control amulets)
A ton (yes, 2000 lbs) of solid silver furnishings -
plates, silverware, goblets, candelabra, cirlets, jewelry and
the like worth 10,000 gp total
600 lbs of similar golden items – worth 30,000 gp
Six chests full of mixed coinage from dozens of nations worth 5,500 gp total (approximately 550 lbs of coin)
A carefully packed crate holding a dozen potions of
cure moderate wounds (labelled as such in abyssal)

Fitch will be adventuring with this held to his eye from now on, because the second thing he said was "could it be like a monocle".

The Horn is fully explored and the party have all the ingredients necessary to start the ritual.

Sam: "I think we should go back to town and do some shopping before we kick things off". The shopping list from last week is picked up, as well as a wagon which will be handy for transporting things back and forth between town and Horn. They also discuss recruitment with the Baron:

“what news?”

-The horn is ours. We are preparing to break the seal but we need some staff. Can you help with recruitment?


-we'll need a master smith, possibly a tavern keeper, and some hired swords to fortify the place

“so what's the ritual?”

- it's basically waiting for 8 months with the odd bit of grisly dark shit, sacrifices and that. A Son of the Pale Horseman “well that's going to be tricky they've been wiped out” – no we have one, so that's OK.

-Also a devout follower of Mitra (“I can have my orphans bundle one up for you”) and a descendant of Markadian 1 (“I can look into this”)

-also if we can find a qualified trainer and someone of officer grade

The Baron advises it may take a while to assemble the necessary recruits, however “someone evil and mercenary capable of commanding the loyalty of your troops is quite likely to to stab you in the back and try to take over, you may be best advised commanding them yourselves”

However he is able to provide 5 of his “orphans” for now. These poorly equipped thugs accompany the party back to the Horn to form the nucleus of their evil organisation.

Before leaving Sam catches up with Elise Zakariah, who tells her that she and her knot have quietly disposed of a couple of adventurers so far without needing the serial killer ruse yet. However she suspects Hallack Amon might be planning to put a party together to loot the caverns for treasure and adventure. He's a bit too high profile round here to easily bump off plus he's not actually acted yet. She'll monitor the situation. (Sam also feeds Elise a complete lie about the second level of the Horn being a weak point that would be very difficult to defend, on the grounds that when she inevitably betrays them it would be nice to know where she'll aim her forces)

Hallack Amon was born in Farholde and has dreamed of escaping this backwater since he could stand. He worked for more than a decade as a soldier of the watch tower, rising to the rank of sergeant. Finally he scraped together enough coin to leave this town forever and to at last see the great cities of the south. And then fate intervened. Amon’s father died and Hallack inherited the family debt. Hallack could have simply fled. But Hallack was too honorable. The entirety of his savings paid the debt but only barely

Returning to the spire they tie up the statue and put one end of the manacles of cooperation onto it before returning the priest to life and quickly manacling him. He accompanies them to the sanctum while querulously asking them what's going on.

“it's been 80 years, the Mitrans won, we didn't know if you'd cooperate” – I'll cooperate, take the manacles off

“well there's no easy way to break this. We kind of need a sacrifice and… that's you”

The priest, Halthus the Flayer, is unhappy about this but has little choice as he is unable to escape due to the manacles. Screaming increasingly hoarsely, but basically cooperative, he is led away.

With all three eyes now returned to the statue of Vetra Kali they have the following effects

The Eye of Vigilance (the First Eye of Vetra-Kali)
Aura strong divination (evil); CL 15th
Slot none; Weight –
This jewel at frst appears to be nothing more than an exquisite
emerald worth at least 20,000 gp. Only if the jewel is steeped
in the blood of a sentient creature does it reveal its true nature. The Eye of Vigilance was the magical focus used to create
the Horn of Abaddon in the frst place and so it is connected
to every square inch of the structure. The bearer of this jewel
may scry the Horn of Abaddon just as if he possessed a crystal
ball. The Eye is also a critical component of the ritual to destroy the Silver Seal and return Vetra-Kali to the prime material plane.
If all three of the Eyes of Vetra-Kali are united in the statue of Vetra-Kali in the Sanctum, then the Eye of Vigilance functions as
a crystal ball with true seeing again limited to the confines of
the Horn itself.

The Eye of Hatred (the Second Eye of Vetra-Kali)
Aura strong divination (evil); CL 15th
Slot none; Weight –
This jewel at frst appears to be nothing more than an exquisite
emerald worth at least 20,000 gp. Only if the jewel is steeped
in the blood of a sentient creature does it reveal its true nature. The Eye of Hatred was the magical focus used to dedicate
the Horn of Abaddon to the Four Horsemen. It is thus sensitive
to any outside interference. The Eye of Hatred pulses whenever any divine magic of Mitran origin is used within the Horn
of Abaddon. The Eye is also a critical component of the ritual
to destroy the Silver Seal and return Vetra-Kali to the prime
material plane.
If all three of the Eyes of Vetra-Kali are united in the statue of Vetra-Kali in the Sanctum, then the Eye of Hatred not only pulses
when such magic is used but immediately directs the Eye of
Vigilance to show that magic being used .


The Withering Eye (the Third Eye of Vetra-Kali)
Aura strong evocation (evil); CL 15th
Slot none; Weight –
This jewel at frst appears to be nothing more than an exquisite
emerald worth at least 20,000 gp. Only if the jewel is steeped
in the blood of a sentient creature does it reveal its true nature. The Withering Eye was the magical focus used to frst
summon Vetra-Kali from the lower planes to the prime material. It is thus attuned to Vetra-Kali and a powerful channel
for daemonic energy. The Withering Eye when placed in the
statue of Vetra-Kali descrecates (as the spell except it affects
both undead and daemons) the entire Horn of Abaddon. The
DC to resist negative channeled energy within this area gains
a +6 profane bonus. Every undead or daemonic creature gains
a +2 profane bonus on all attack rolls, damage rolls, and saving throws. An undead or daemonic creature created within
or summoned into such an area gains +2 hit points per HD.
Furthermore, anyone who casts animate dead within this area
may create as many as double the normal amount of undead.
The Eye is also a critical component of the ritual to destroy the
Silver Seal and return Vetra-Kali to the prime material plane.
If all three of the Eyes of Vetra-Kali are united in the statue of
Vetra-Kali in the Sanctum, then the Withering Eye not only
desecrates the Horn but also grants all daemons within fast
healing 1.


They start the ritual! 

As soon as the death priest dies on the altar and his heart is placed in the frst bowl, the Horn begins to burn. An alien voice of pure malice speaks in abyssal: “Kazara Vo” — “I hear.” Like a great unholy beacon, ghostly green flame flares upward into the sky. All the greenery and
overgrowth blending the stone spire into the Caer Bryrburns away in a single flash of dire radiance. The Horn is revealed in all its daemonic glory. Abyssal runes carved
in the stonework glow furiously. Wraith spawn dance outside the Horn cackling in glee. Te earth shakes and even in Farholde, they feel the shocks. Any hope of keeping the Horn a secret disappears in one blaze of balefire. Afer a while, the pyrotechnics are over. Te Horn still
smolders with a residual green fre but it is no longer visible from a distance. Not that this matters. Every soul in Farholde saw the eruption. Everyone can point the way
to the Horn. And by the morning every tongue wags:
“Evil stirs in the Caer Bryr.”

Tere is good news. The residual green fire is a natural magic barrier. None can teleport through or send a magical message (except using the Thrones).
Teleportation and summoning works fine within the Horn, you just cannot enter while the ritual is ongoing. And so the countdown begins. Te PCs must complete 666 rituals to break the Seal and then on midnight, more than seven months from today, Vetra-Kali will return. Any plan involving keeping their operations here a secret has failed. Everyone knows something is afoot
in the Horn. How long before the first explorers arrive?

One week. A messenger from Elise Zadaria arrives after 4 days to advise a group of local adventurers is coming in three days' time and is intending to explore the caverns. 

Hallack Amon – male human, retired watch sergeant,
warrior with military experience, the leader
Sister Marta Dian – female human, priestess of Mitra,
successfully destroyed a dozen zombies
Yorgun the Smith – male dwarf blacksmith, experience
unknown, big hammer
James O’Toole – male human, large brawler, famed for
taking on all comers at local faire
Bianca DeVallya – female half-elven, a local bard and
singer, knows a little magic, very fond of Hallack

In the meantime Adelea trains, Fitch manufacturers alchemical reagents for the mechanical man project (and puts the finishing touches to a deep acid-filled pit trap dug out by their frogmen allies), and Sam examines the murals in the mural hall, discovering some useful, once-per-year rituals.

<u>Call Forth the Hounds</u>: If three guard dogs (25 gp
each) are poisoned with a very specific preparation (costing 2400 gp in total) and then ritually slaughtered, they
will rise as hell hounds in life-long service to whoever cut
the guard dog’s throat.

<u>Call Forth the Steed</u>: If a fine heavy warhorse (worth
300 gp) is slain and then set aflame with a very specific
and exotic mixture of incense, powered gemstones and
prayer strips (costing 3000 gp) then from the flame will
emerge a nightmare who will serve whoever lit the pyre.
The creature who emerges calls itself Carnitheria Rex and
will serve faithfully for the life of its master.

<u>Cauldron of the Earth</u>: Tis ritual must be performed
over a pit of boiling mud (C8 above). A specially prepared concotion of rare earths and powered obsidian
(worth 1200 gp) must be poured into the boiling mud
while reciting a prayer to the Lord of Evil Earth Elementals. This calls forth four mudmen.

Sam also has Grumblejack pile large stones to block a passage, and has some froglocks block a narrow gullet with medium size ones, in an effort to funnel the expected adventurers into the "ambush room".

A more long-term approach to security will be needed (after all, a tunnel that can be blocked ban be unblocked, while collapsing them risks partly collapsing the spire and potentially ruining the ritual). A quick look around suggests some more places that might be useful spots for traps, areas that could be used for beast lairs, and sections the Frogloks err I mean Boggards should be persuaded to set up ambushes in. 

With 5 basic fighter mooks and a flying ogre Sam has the beginnings of an evil organisation. So we're going to need some rules for how those work!

Masters of the Wicked: Building Your Own Evil Organization
Would it truly be a villainous campaign without minions? I think not. But keeping track of an organization can be a tedious affair. So, with this optional system (ITS NOT OPTIONAL) we abstract the paper work and help you skip the bookkeeping and instead get back to the glorious business of evil.

How do I build an Evil Organization?
Mechanically, the answer is take the Leadership feat.
When you take the Leadership feat you receive a cohort
as normal but instead of receiving followers, you become
the master of an evil organization. If multiple PCs buy
the Leadership feat they must choose whether they are
each starting their own organization or if they are pooling to form a council of villainy.
There are advantages to both. Councils can hit higher
target numbers but control can be an issue. Individual
groups are weaker but there is no question of control.

The Six Ability Scores
Much like a PC, an evil organization has six ability
scores that define them. Every score ranges from -5 to
+10. These scores modify both action and skill rolls.
Where a PC has Strength, Organizations are Ruthless. Ruthless is the ability to get violent things done. If Ruthless ever hits -5, your organization cannot take any
violent actions.
Where a PC has Dexterity, Organizations have Secrecy. Secrecy is the ability to conceal your organization and its operations. If Secrecy ever reaches -5, your organization becomes a household name in Talingarde.
Where a PC has Constitution, Organizations have Survivability. Survivability is your organization’s ability to survive adversity. If Survivability ever hits -5, your
organization has ceased to exist.
Where a PC has Intelligence, Organizations have Connections. Connections is your ability to get nonviolent tasks done. If Connections ever hits -5, your organization can take no skilled actions.
Where a PC has Wisdom, Organizations have Espionage. Espionage is the ability to acquire information others don’t want you to have. If Espionage ever hits -5, your organization can take no espionage actions.
Where a PC has Charisma, Organizations have Loyalty. Loyalty is your minions devotion to their masters. If Loyalty ever hits -5, your organization falls apart.

An organization’s scores start at zero. Each master
with a positive charisma modifer has that many points
to spend increasing the scores. No score can initially be
raised above +4. After creation, changes to charisma no
longer effects scores. Scores change from game effects
and when a master gains a level — a master then adds +1
to a score of their choice. No score may ever exceed +10.
Actions represent an evil organizations ability to get
things done. Every week you command your evil organization to perform actions. Te maximum number is determined by adding the leader’s level + current Charisma
modifer and then consulting this chart.
Level + Charisma Mod. Actions per Week
9 or less 0
10 1
11 1
12 1
13 2
14 2
15 3
16 3
17 4
18 4
19 5
20 5
21 6
22 7
23 8
24 9
25 or more 10
If the evil organization is ruled by a council, every
leader contributes his actions to a pool. Tat is the total
number of actions an organization may take per week.

The Action Check
When an action is performed, this usually involves an
Action Check. Tis roll is the relevant score plus a d20.
A Secrecy Check, for example, is d20 + Secrecy.
Every action check will have a target number assigned
by the Game Master. To succeed an Action Check must
equal or beat that number. A natural 1 is always a failure.
A natural 20 ofen improves the checked score.
Target numbers are assigned by the Game Master based
on diffculty given the current circumstances:
Target Number Descriptor
8 Easy
12 Average
16 Diffcult
20 Very Diffcult
25 Almost Impossible

“You Have Failed Me for the Last Time”
Any time you are unhappy with any Action Check, you
can execute the minion who failed you and demand that
the other try again if they don’ t want to meet the same
fate. You may reroll the failure. You can only reroll once
per Action Check and executing the minion so callously
does shake the other minions — you take a -1 to Loyalty.

The Action List
This is a list of actions an evil organization can attempt. It is not comprehensive and with GM permission other actions may be permitted. Level always refers to
the level of the highest level PC leader of the organiation.

Abduct Peasants (violent action): You need peasants
(lvl 1-3 commoners) for your gruesome experiments or
perhaps as monster chow. Roll a Ruthless Check.
Success: You abduct 2d6 Peasants
Failure: You abduct no one.
Natural 1: Failure and -1 to Secrecy.
Natural 20: Success and +1 Ruthless.

Assassination (violent action): Your minions attempt to
kill someone. Roll a Ruthless Check. Important NPCs
are often immune to this action.
Success: The target dies. -1 to Secrecy.
Failure: The target does not die.
Natural 1: The target does not die and minions
are captured. -1 to Secrecy and Survivability.
Natural 20: The target dies and it looks like an
accident. +1 to Ruthless.

Criminal Enterprise (violent action): Your organization
uses crime to acquire funds. Roll a Ruthless Check.
Success: Level*1d6*10 gp is acquired.
Failure: You are revealed. -1 to Secrecy
Natural 1: Failure and -1 to Survivability
Natural 20: Success and +1 to Ruthless

Frame Someone (espionage action): Your minions plant
evidence to convince the law that someone is guilty of
some unsavory crime. Roll an Espionage Check.
Success: It works!
Failure: It doesn’t work.
Natural 1: It doesn’t work and your minions get
caught. -1 to Secrecy and Survivability.
Natural 20: Success and +1 to Espionage.

Gather Information (skilled action): Your organization
tries to gather three random rumors (see page 9) or tries
to answer three questions that might be know about town.
Roll a Connections Check.
Success: The questions are answered.
Failure: You receive 1 random rumor.
Natural 1: You learn nothing.
Natural 20: Success plus +1 to Connections.

Grave-Robbing (skilled action): Your organization
violates graves to acquire corpses and skeletons for you.
Success: 2d6 corpses or skeletons are acquired.
Failure: You are revealed. -1 to Secrecy
Natural 20: 4d6 are acquired instead.
Natural 1: As failure, but a number of minions
are caught and hanged. -1 to Survivability.

Guard Duty: You assign your organization to guard a
location for a week. This creates an encounter equal to a
CR of the level of the highest level master -2.

Hunt Beasts (violent action): You order the capture of
wild beasts to guard your base. Roll A Ruthless Check.
Success: Roll 1d10. The minions catch:
1 – 1d3 Snakes, Venomous (CR 1)
2 – 1d3 Giant Spiders (CR 1)
3 – 1d2 Crocodiles (CR 2)
4 – 1d2 Snake, Constrictor (CR 2)
5 – 1d2 Giant Leeches (CR 2)
6 – 1d2 Giant Toads (CR 2)
7 – 1d2 Tatzlwyrms (CR 2)
8 – Giant Mantis (CR 3)
9 – Giant Scorpion (CR 3)
10 – Chupacabra (CR 3)
Failure: Minions catch nothing.
Natural 1: Monsters catch minions.
Survivability -1.
Natural 20: They catch a hydra (CR 4)

Indoctrinate: Your minions have grown quarrelous and
forget their place. Teach them the meaning of obedience.
Loyalty +1 up to a maximun of zero.
Lay Low: You organization keeps out of the spotlight
for a while. Secrecy +1 up to a maximum of zero.

Legitimate Enterprise (skilled action): Your
organization uses legitimate means to acquire funds.
Roll a Connections Check.
Success: Level*(1d4-1)*10 gp is acquired.
Failure/Natural 1: no consequences
Natural 20: Success and +1 to Connections

Recover: Your organization stays out of danger and
focuses on recruiting new members. Surivability +1 up
to a maximum of zero.

Spread Disinformation (espionage action): You
organization tries to convince the populace of something
isn’t true.
Success: It works!
Failure: It doesn’t work.
Natural 1: Failure and -1 to Espionage.
Natural 20: It works! +1 to Espionage.

Torture Captives (violent action): Extract information
from “guests” of your dungeon. Roll a Ruthless check.
Success: You receive answers to three questions.
Failure: No results.
Nat. 1: The prisoner dies(50%) or escapes(50%).
Natural 20: Success and +1 to Ruthless.

Training (skilled action): Increase Ruthless, Competence
or Espionage by +1 up to a maximum of zero.

Trap Building (skilled action): Roll a Connections
check to fx a trap.
Success: Spend the money to build the trap.
Failure: The traps are not built.
Natural 1: Failure and half the cost is wasted.
Natural 20: Success and Connections +1

Trap Repair (skilled action): Roll a Connections Action
Check to fx three traps.
Success: Spend the money to fx the traps.
Failure: The traps are not fxed.
Natural 1: Failure and half the cost is wasted.
Natural 20: Success and Connections +1

Organization Events
Every month roll a d20 for organizational events. Tis
roll cannot be rerolled by executing a minion.

1: Disquiet in the ranks. Make a Loyalty Check.
Success: Lose an action next week
Failure: Desertions. All Scores -1.
Natural 1: Assassination Attempt. The Game
Master puts together a level appropriate encounter
based around the fact that your minions want you dead.
Natural 20: No penalties

2-6: No Events

7:Capable Leadership. Gain a bonus action next week.

8: Times are Hard. Your minions have suffered more
losses than usual. Can they endure this time of trials?
Make a Survivability Check.
Success: They endure. No effect.
Failure: Survivability -1.
Natural 1: Survivability -2 and Loyalty -2.
Natural 20: …but they’d follow you into hell.
Survivability +1 and Loyalty +1.

9: Revealed! You are being hunted. Can they fnd your
organization before its too late? Roll a Secrecy Check.
Success: You are everywhere and nowhere.
No effect.
Failure: The enemy are closer to the truth than
you’d like. Secrecy -1.
Natural 1: Survivability -2 and Secrecy -2.
Natural 20: The tables turn and the hunters
are the hunted. Secrecy +1 and Ruthless +1.

10: Recruitment Opportunity. Can you ever have
enough minions? Make a Survivability Check.
Success: Your ranks grow. Survivability +1.
Failure/Natural 1: No effect.
Natural 20: Rapid growth. Survivability +2.

11: Rumors and Whispers. -1 to Loyalty.

12: Your Organization is a Shadow. +1 to Secrecy.

13: Inflitration Opportunity. You have a chance to
get an agent amongst your enemies. Are you sneaky
enough take advantage of it? Make an Espionage
Check (DC 20).
Success: You have get an agent it their ranks.
Espionage +1.
Failure: The spy is caught and executed.
Survivability -1.
Natural 1: The spy is caught and talks!
Secrecy -1 and Survivability -1.
Natural 20: You get a trusted spy in their
midsts. Secrecy +1 and Espionage +2.

14: Talkative Minion. -1 to Secrecy.

15: You Give Them So Much. +1 to Loyalty.

16: The Cause Grows. +1 to Survivability.

17: Turf War. Other criminal organizations try to
take your turf. Can you defend what’s yours? Make a
Ruthless Check (DC 20).
Success: You defend it well. Ruthless +1.
Failure: You lose ground. Ruthless -1.
Natural 1: Your organization receives a
thrashing. Ruthless -1 and Survivability -1.
Natural 20: Those who dared challenge you
are now your minions. Ruthless +1 and
Survivability +1.

18: Unneccessary Squabbles. -1 to Survivability.

19: A Caper. This job could make you rich if you can
pull it off. Make a Connections check (DC 20).
Success: Level x1d6 x100 gp. Connections +1.
Failure: Bridges are burned. Connections -1.
Natural 1: A massive blunder. Connections -1
and Secrecy -1.
Natural 20: Masterfully done. Success plus
Secrecy +1.

20: Rare Opportunity. You have a chance to really
expand your power base. Make an Action Check of
your choice (target number 15).
Success: Opportunity Seized! +1 to the score
of your choice.
Failure/Nat. 1: Opportunity missed. No effect.
Natural 20: Success beyond your wildest
dreams! +1 to all scores.

Organizations as Skill Bonuses
Organizations can aid PCs in one more way. Tey can
provide circumstance bonuses to skill checks. For example, making an Intimidate skill check while being flanked
by a half-dozen of the most ruthless, infamous criminal
thugs in the city is defnitely worth a bonus. In that case,
you would your add your Ruthless score to the Intimidate
check. Being assisted this way can count as an action at
the Game Master’s discretion.
Using a Cohorts
A cohort can be assigned to aid your minions. Any cohort so tasked is unavailable for anything else that week.
Tey are busy with underlings. A cohort adds their revelant ability score modifer to an Action Check. For example, Grumblejack the ogre could add his +6 Strength
modifer to any violent actions. If an action aided by a
cohort loses Survivability, the cohort must make a Fortitude save vs a DC equal to the task difculty or die.

Councils of The Wicked
A council is formed when a single organization has
more than one master. Te advantage is that the organization has only one set of scores. Te disadvantage is
that the masters may disagree. Te council votes on any
proposed action. In case of a tie vote, an action is lost to
squabbling and indecision.

Note that as you have wrangled an alliance with the boggards, you receive one bonus ‘Boggard’
action a week for every eight boggards alive in the tribe. Since the maximum size is 32, that means a fully ‘stocked’ boggard tribe can provide four actions a week. The boggards are terrible at espionage and skilled actions (assess a -4 penalty if you allow the actions at all), but are perfectly capable of doing violent tasks. Hurting things is a venerable boggard tradition afer all.


Just for clarity, Ezra and his creepy cronies are wraiths – not liches – right??

Loving the Evil Organisation idea. Lots of options. It does look like we’ll be having our hands full and are going to have to put some faith in the mooks to achieve stuff.

Lets deal with this first group of invaders first – that should hopefully get us to Lvl 7. Then we can get started in earnest!

So new shopping list (for the rituals):
guard dogs x 3 (75gp)
Special poison (2400gp)
heavy warhorse (300gp)
incense, gems, prayer strips (3000gp)
Obsidian etc. (1200gp)

The Ritual (part 1)

Yes they are wraiths. Ezra’s a dread wraith. In my defence I was very sleepy.

The Ritual (part 1)

Is the EO something that will benefit us past this part of the story?

Retraining can let you replace a feat (if you train with someone who has the trait you want, no going solo on that one) in 5 days.

I was going to take Vital Strike at level 7 – for those occasions when you only make 1 attack/round, but can take Leadership instead to join the council – or head it up, if you want to take a regular minion Rick.

If in the future we dont need this, I can retrain with GJ or Rick’s minion who I hope would have VS =P

The Ritual (part 1)

Evil organisation might be handy in future and or good for RP. I know Sam always wanted a cult: here’s a cult.
No problem with some of you taking it now and dropping it later.

The Ritual (part 1)

If noone else would like to get the nightmare, then id like to put Adelea forward!

The Ritual (part 1)

Yep sure you can do the nightmare ritual no probs. Also cool if you want to take Leadership too to be on the Council. Although Vital Strike looks nice too! Whatever happens we’re going to need Adelea’s combat as good as it can be!

The Ritual (part 1)

RP reasons for a drastic downscaling of the organisation to a hard core of fanatical Alunatics after the inevitably traumatic events towards the end of the ritual will no doubt be very easy to come up with.

The Ritual (part 1)

Assuming we get there…

You’ll need to come up with a cohort Martin. I’m still taking GJ.

The Ritual (part 1)

Oh, I missed the part about getting a cohort still – thought the leadership trait was just for the EO! But reading it again, its just the minions that we lack.

@Steve – can I get a character sheet for my soon-to-be cohort please – so I can get it created ahead of time. How does it work – “A cohort can be of any race or class” – can we just pick a race/class? Maybe one day we encounter a person passing by who happens to be suitable? Do we need to make a successful roll to attract them, or does it just happen?

The Ritual (part 1)

Buy someone at the black market, save someone from a ravenous man-eating plant in the jungle, get the sworn service of a shaman from a tribe you’ve never ever heard of gifted to you by the Baron: come up with some sort of light RP reason you’d have a cohort and we’ll quickly play it out.

The Ritual (part 1)

What about zikkomo? He’s already endebted to adelea!

Froglok shaman with minor narcotic abuse issues sounds like perfect cohort material. And he’s not just a random made up mook. He genuinely does owe adelea for bumping off the previous guy (who is now zach’s skeleton servant – what a complex web!)

The Ritual (part 1)

Oohhh, this Evil Organisation stuff looks fun. I’ll be taking Leadership at level 7…..can I be the EO Diplomat? :) Though thinking about it, I doubt we’ll have much call for diplomacy.

I’ll have to have a think about an appropriate cohort from the Leadership feat.

The Ritual (part 1)

Zikomo has his own complex motivations (all right, they’re not that complex – he wants the spire to be a temple to Dagon and he wants the tribe to do well under his leadership worshipping Dagon. They’re still his motivations).

You can have your own organisation if you like or chip in with the other two to make a bigger one.

The Ritual (part 1)

I’ll be chipping in to make a bigger organisation.

The Ritual (part 1)

I vote Fitch for EO Diplomatic.

I have a feeling Adelea will enjoy the results of that!

The Ritual (part 1)

No. Just… no!

The Ritual (part 1)

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