the Way of the Wicked

The Horn of Abbadon (part 4)

Grumblejack has an apotheosis. Still exploring...

We rejoin our party as they continue to intrepidly explore level 2 of the Horn of Abbadon. 

Finding a room full of wrecked statues they perceptively realise that there's one more head than the number of limbs and torsos would suggest. A rather paranoid conversation ensues about the possibility of encountering a medusa or similarly petrifiying foe, and considerable thought is given to who should be carrying the stone salve.

Some more rooms, leading off the rather grand atrium with its fountain, are explored without incident, until our villains reach the room at the northwest corner. Opening the door they see a room which clearly contains a hole to the outside, as it is rather full of vegetation. Fitch enters first to check for traps, and promptly falls asleep in the middle of the room. Adelea and Grumblejack instantly nod off too: this room contains two verdurous oozes, and the sleeping gas they exude has been wafted to them by the opening of the door. 

Luckily Sam is just outside the range of the effect, and has the presence of mind to throw a rope into the room while the oozes are still waking up to the presence of food nearby. Creel wakes Grumblejack who wakes Adelea, who pulls mightily on the rope that Sam has animated and ordered to wrap itself round Fitch's leg, and the woozy rogue is dragged free of the clutching vegetation and away from the deadly oozes. Creel's iron will lets him shrug off the sleepy gas and firmly shut the door, and after a brief but heartfelt conversation:

Sam “oozes are horrible, if we want to fight them we're going to have to strip”

Fitch “if there's holes to the outside here these things seem like perfect guardians”

Our villains decide to come back later to secure and indeed trap the door, so they can laugh at people trying to break in this way being killed by the oozes.

Moving on the party encounters a shrine to the loathed sun god, Mitra, which makes evil spells considerably harder to cast on this level. (Later, they come back and thoroughly desecrate it)

They also discover a headless statue, a very detailed statue, who they quickly realise is a) the owner of the spare head, and b) a once-living person who has been turned to stone. They debate using the stone salve:

“he could givve us valuable intel on the Horn”

“we're not ready for guests yet!”

They leave him in place.

There is a very fancy pillared chapel on this level, corresponding to the similar space on level 1. Thorough examination shows that the pillar on this level, corresponding to the hollow pillar below, is also hollow! However there's no secret door…

If that pillar is hollow and there's no door, and this pillar is hollow and there's no door, and we didn't find any doors in the caves… 




maybe there's… a… secret door?


There IS a secret door! It is very secret but they do eventually find it. The stairs they find wind up and up and up, through the pillars on level 1 and 2, and all the way into a secret section of level 3 contain the demons Hexor and Vexor, who politely inform the party “Good afternoon intruders, I'm terribly sorry but we'll have to disembowel you now”. However Sam forestalls this by stating they're here to free Vetra Kali.

The two demons approve of this plan, but are less than convinced that Sam and her party have the chops to pull it off. They therefore decide to refrain from disembowelling them for now, and to give Sam information in response to questions about what they can expect in the Sanctum upstairs. Unfortunately, on the axis between "helpful" and "amusing to two greater Ceustodaemons", the answers are skewed towards the latter.

The party climb towards the sanctum in the knowledge that there's a big green statue up there, and that it certainly has a lively atmosphere.

There is a big green statue up there. It has a big silver seal on it, radiating goodness. And there is a lively atmosphere too, in the form of a greater lightning elemental that leaps to the attack! After the first flurry of zappy smashy blows however, Creel is able to increase the party's resistance to energy (although not to being smashed). The elemental is somewhat resistant to being hit with a sword, too – but not nearly resistant enough, as a hasted Adelea chops it into bits.

The party bottle some of the blood, and dunk the eye in some more of the blood to activate it. The portable foe-butchering-station cart thing they had been talking about earlier does actually seem like a decent idea at this point.

Grumblejack has been complaining of dizziness and unquenchable thirst since entering the Sanctum. The villains eventually hit on the idea of putting some water in the reservoir of the statue, where it instantly turns to unholy water. This quenches GJ's thirst, and also reveals his half-fiend heritage. Grumblejack can fly now! Who saw that coming? (Well, me. I've got the book).


We must be nearly through this place now surely?

You didn’t mention Adelea brute-forcing the teleporter and ending up in some other ruins in the forest!
This is going to be the exact opposite of the first book isnt it? Book 1 was take down an impregnable fortress. This one is create an impregnable fortress and prevent it from being taken down?

However – Balentyne had 2 entrances. The main gate and the secret tunnel. This place has 6 to my reckoning! (so far)

- entrance to caverns
- stairs to lvl 1
- stairs to lvl 2
- fly/climb up to lvl 3
- hole in the wall on lvl 2 (oozes)
- teleporter from random ruins

That’s a ridiculous number to try and defend.

I think we should at least knobble the teleporter in the ruins.

King Mk I probably figured out the teleporters during his assault. And we know we’re going to need to kill a descendant of his for the ritual. So lets assume that his descendants also know how to use the teleporters. If they come for us – I don’t really want them to be able to suddenly appear on any level they want. That would give us no time to prepare.

The Horn of Abbadon (part 4)

I was wondering if we could rent some rooms in Farholde – or maybe have the baron set some aside for us, and install the ruins teleporter in those.

Then we would have some nice instant travel back to town should it be needed.

The Horn of Abbadon (part 4)

Intriguing idea but not workable in afraid. It’s not a magic you recognise, but it appears to be tied to the specific destination.

Might be nobbleable though with some work.

The Horn of Abbadon (part 4)

Shame that was a great idea.

But yeah if we can nobble it we should I reckon. A few stone shapes from Zach to cover the teleporter in a few feet of rock might do the trick?

We should limit the ways in as much as we can. If Fitch is going to lay traps, then we need to be funnelling the assailants through 1 or 2 entrances.

The Horn of Abbadon (part 4)

Are the floors in this place solid rock, or flagstones set on top of earth? Thinking for purposes of making some pit traps.

Other than pit traps, I think my skill level is up to maybe some tripwire traps dropping things, perhaps.

Remember for the ooze entrance, we can just barricade the door. Some stone blocks or boulders after nailing shut the door itself ought to do it.

The Horn of Abbadon (part 4)

If we make the ooze room obviously barred, then that may act as an incentive for ppl to try and break in – why else would we protect something unless we wanted to keep people out!

The Horn of Abbadon (part 4)

Some of the floors in the caverns are suitable for pit traps, but the upper levels are not

The Horn of Abbadon (part 4)

I can make these, which might be useful?

The Horn of Abbadon (part 4)

I also finished Martin’s armour amulet at the end of last session – so what am I making next?

Fitch – do you want me to start on your goggles? Do you have 1250gp? If not I’ll start on GJ’s belt.

The Horn of Abbadon (part 4)

Try GJs belt next. Not sure what I’m after next.

Also, we’ll be needing some of our cash for the impending supply run.

I think the Stone of Alarm might be too expensive to be worthwhile. If we get some fine wire, I can rig some simple alarm raising traps.

The Horn of Abbadon (part 4)

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