the Way of the Wicked

Five Days To Darkness

the beginning of the end


After the Gorgimera attack things get very quiet at the horn for several weeks. Maybe it's all over bar the shouting, and the Posse have won?

Maybe. Let's think about this. The Evil Posse of Evil have taken over a dungeon on nebulous orders from a shadowy superior. They found a mouldy set of instructions written by a dying madman for a blasphemous ritual and have since been merrily performing that ritual calling forth an otherworldly horror that they hope to bind and coerce into their service. This is going to be fine.

Day 217

The temple is wracked by a tremendous earthquake. The earth itself seems to rebel against the blasphemy being perpetrated in the Sanctum. In the Sanctum there is a horrific ear-splitting scream and for a moment a shadowy apparition manifests over the Silver Seal. It reaches out its six clawed hands and grasps at the seal, scratching and clawing. The Seal is gouged and marred. The echo of unholy laughter is heard and the apparition fades. Vetra-Kali is close at hand, and the seal is weakening!

Sam, Adelea, and Creel are struck and hurt by falling masonry as the horn writhes and shakes. Various minions are also harmed by the quake, to various degrees of disinterest from the Evil Posse of Evil. The horn is much changed afterwards, with some rooms unusable due to collapse, and with a new entrance to the third floor where an exterior wall used to be.


With every prayer, the ritual is creating a bridge to Vetra-Kali through the astral plane allowing the daemon prince to return to the prime material. From this bridge, emanations of magic and evil ebb and flow, rippling through reality. One of those disturbances draws the attention of a dweller within the astral — a good celestial named Brastius Star-Feather. Brastius is a flier upon the astral winds, an avoral agathion. Curious, the agathion investigates. He happens upon the rift in the astral. Seizing the moment, Brastius plunges through and finds himself high above the Caer Bryr just outside the sanctum, just as Fitch is beginning the midnight ritual.


The avoral bursts in, determined to disrupt the ritual. He flies right up to Fitch ready to attack him. Continuing to chant prayers, Fitch wheels in place and stabs the wierdy birdy creature man. His dagger skitters off its feathers.


Adelea attacks, but misses!


The Avoral attacks Fitch but misses so badly that it's briefly flat footed and Fitch stabs it, dealing some damage despite its damage resistance. It does manage to land a single blow though for a small amount of damage.


Grumblejack also misses, and he and Adelea share a rueful glance.


The posse and their minions pile in to attack the avoral, and, before it can escape to fight again another day, Fitch and then Adelea land a series of telling blows and it dies in a welter of blood and feathers.


After this experience the Evil Posse of Evil decide to surround themselves in an ablative layer of minions. The tiger, One-Eye, is staked to a 20 foot chain in the entrance to the balcony – mostly because Sam is bearing a grudge and wants it killed. This leaves Fitch unable to reach and repair the cunning fire trap he had made, which was set off during the Big Quake. Area closed due to tiger.

A wall of Creel's undead minions are stationed just out of tiger range between entrance and altar. The hellhounds and Adelea's evil horse are stationed in the room as well. It is decided not to invite Tregellan as he is “a bit unpredictable”


Day 218 starts with the dawn ritual, uninterrupted. Just before 4pm a greater mud elemental erupts into new, and very angry, life from the boiling pool.


It attacks the boggards and starts to take a toll on their ranks, although their terrifying croaks do force it back into its boiling mud pool for a while.


Cowering in his sanctum Zikomo hears the croaks and sends an animal messenger to alert the Posse, who buff up and teleport down. Adelea waits at the edge of the pool, sword drawn, as she knows the scalding mud hurts to wade through. Then it occurs to her that Hexor and Vexor can cast fly, so she gets this cast on herself and flies on over to return the mud-man to the mud from whence he came. Ashes to ashes, and mud to mud.


This is shaping up to be a busy week! We’re only at the beginning of day 2 of 5, and have already been attacked by a couple of random things, and we already know of several fights coming up. Who knows what other random shit is going to show up.

I have a question about the Evil Org – or more accurately, who of the various NPCs in the Horn are part of the Evil Org (and therefore loyal), and who are NPCs that have agreed to help out because it suited their own agenda at the time, but when push comes to shove they could turn? e.g. are the Pirates part of the Org? Or is the Org more of an abstract concept, and the individuals are the individuals?

Lets go through top-to-bottom and I’ll say what I reckon to each of em:

Hellhounds/Nightmare: LOYAL (they were summoned by us)
Zach’s Undead Army of Death™: LOYAL (they are under Zach’s control)
Tiger: DON’T CARE (plan on feeding it to the dragon at the first opportunity anyway – what a bastard)
Ezra and his Cronies: DISLOYAL (They want Vetra-Kali back – and that’s probably a bad thing)
The Pirates: UNKNOWN (Probabaly LOYAL? – the group now contains members of 3 different groups, all of which have sworn to support us. If they do turn, likely won’t be all of them, and they may end up annihilating each other anyway before we have to worry)
Artephius: UNKNOWN (this one will probably come down to a coin-toss when it comes to it, as he’s mental)
Zikkomo/Boggards: DISLOYAL (They want Dagon in the horn)

Five Days To Darkness

Tregellan said he’d defend the horn in exchange for treasure if I remember correctly and we all know a Tregellan’s word is his bond.
Still got that treasure though?

Five Days To Darkness

The boggards arent really much of a threat, its Ezra and his buddies that worry me.

We beat Tregellan and his crew once, and weve levelled up since, so we can do that again I would think.

Five Days To Darkness

Andrew can you make a flare rocket or a firework or something like that?

We have the three groups of minions patrolling the perimeter. If they see a dragon flying towards us, they aren’t going to be able to warn us before it hits.

If they can fire off a signal we might get a couple of rounds to buff?

Five Days To Darkness

Skyrocket Firework

Price 50 gp; Weight 1 lb.


When lit, this foot-long wooden tube begins to shake and emit a handful of white sparks, shedding light as a torch. One round later it takes flight, moving at a speed of 90 feet for 1d6 rounds before loudly exploding in a burst of light and sound, dealing 2d6 points of fire damage in a 10-foot-radius burst (Reflex DC 15 halves). Anyone who takes damage from the explosion is either blinded or deafened (50% chance of either) for 1 round.


Skill(s) Craft (alchemy) DC 25.

I can make these. They would seem to be suitable for the job.

Five Days To Darkness

Cool. For 50gp, let’s get a couple for each of the three patrols

Five Days To Darkness

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