Samra'el Aluna


Not what you could describe as beautiful, Sam nevertheless definitely falls into the ‘cute and sexy’ category. And she knows it, as uses her looks, as well as her silver tongue and her blossoming arcane abilities, to get exactly what she wants out of people, male or female.
Short black hair, tanned skin and a slight figure, she is also covered in tattoo patterns that possess an almost mystical, hypnotic quality. And the more of Sam’s exposed flesh is witnessed, the more hypnotic they become…


Sam never really had a chance. Ever since she was an infant, she knew she was different somehow. She could do things that none of the other children could. She could bend them do her will, persuade them to do things they never would have otherwise. She could turn angelic babes into demonic terrors, by sheer force of her will.
Over time, she learned to use this to her advantage. She became adept at the use of Corrupting Touch, forcing innocents to commit crimes on her behalf. Starting off with petty theft, they soon escalated into more and more heinous crimes as Sam continually pushed the limits of her talents.
Sam used her skills and growing fame as a fantastically talented tattoo artist to lure an unending stream of unsuspecting victims. This meant she didn’t even need to find victims on which to practice her dark skills – they came straight to her! Once in the chair and ready for a tattoo, they were helpless to her Corrupting Touch.
But it was a matter of time before she got careless. Unbeknownst to her, suspicion around her tattoo parlour had started to spread, and before long, the famed Witch Hunter Sir Balin of Karfeld took the chair. To Sam, he was just another unwitting customer/victim. But he was so much more. Her powers had no effect on him, and moreover as soon as she tried, she was arrested and hauled off. Accused of Consorting with Dark Powers, her trial was swift and ruthless, and she was sent away to await her sentence of Death by Burning…

Samra'el Aluna

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