Adelea’s elder sister Louane was assaulted and disfigured by Benjamin, a middle son of a minor noble house. With his family’s influence there were no consequences to Benjamin. Disgusted, Adelea apprenticed with Markus, a fighter of some reknown, and sought to master the martial arts, keeping her true purpose of retribution hidden.

Fast forward to last month, and Benjamin was visiting the same village Adelea was in. Seeing her chance, she paid off a tavern worker and took her place, watching Benjamin and plotting. Past midnight, Benjamin and his company retired to their rooms. Waiting impatiently for an hour to allow them to fall into a drunken sleep, Adelea entered Benjamin’s room through the window and crept over to where he was sleeping. As she was about to plunge a dagger into his heart, he reached out and grappled her whilst shouting for help – she must have made more noise than she had thought entering the room.

Her trial followed shortly after, and with no surprise she was sentenced for Attempted Murder and sent to Branderscar to await her death by beheading.


the Way of the Wicked Adelea